Transform your raw data into driver safety

Praiso turns your raw data into an interactive system addressing driver weaknesses. It becomes a value-added digital drip-feed of expert advice and safety insight. The result is drivers changing their attitude to driving and being safer behind the wheel and it’s your data that’s seamlessly transformed into the action to achieve this.


Transform your vehicles and set the benchmark for driver safety

As telematics become a standard fit for all vehicles, manufacturers who act quickly can benefit by linking it to additional features.

Praiso gives you a unique chance to differentiate your value proposition to your customers. With Praiso on board, you’re providing additional capability in managing driver risk. Teaming your telematics with Praiso’s leading driver education and behaviour management system will help set you and your vehicles apart. It means people who drive your vehicles can evidence they are low-risk drivers and capitalise on the savings that can bring.

Proven return on investment


Running interactive campaigns and learning programmes, Praiso uses engaging gamification technology to tackle driver compliance, safety and duty of care.


The driver dashboard delivers at a glance key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to all relevant objectives and business processes.


Praiso partners vehicle telematics and artificial intelligence, transforming them into proactive coaching messages, support programmes and remedial campaigns.


Delivered online and direct to the driver, it measures, analyses, coaches and checks to promote long-lasting and responsible driving behaviours.


A great return on investment, users see immediate savings on fuel and speeding fines, lowered incidence of accidents and reductions in wear and tear costs.


Powerful data

Quality data not only shows who is driving more efficiently, smartly and safely, but also the impact of the educational training over time.

Stand out with Praiso

Praiso gives you a chance to stand out in the field of telematics service provision. You can show customers that there’s more to you than data collection. You’ll be able to provide additional capability in managing driver risk by integrating a leading driver education and behaviour management system alongside your telematics.

It’s a win-win!

Ready to help your drivers become the best drivers they can be and save money as a result?