Digital driver coaching

Praiso becomes each driver's digital coach making them safer, smarter and more effective. It uses real-time telematics data and transforms it via our ground-breaking interactive expert campaign and messaging content delivery software to improve every driver's performance through learning management and behavioural change techniques.


At a glance

The driver dashboard delivers at a glance key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to all relevant objectives and business processes.
Praiso partners vehicle telematics and artificial intelligence, transforming them into proactive coaching messages, support programmes and remedial campaigns.


Driver rewards

Recognition and rewards ensure driver well-being whilst encouraging positive and sustained change in driving behaviours.

Our Wall of Legends feature is a fun way to acknowledge driver engagement and encourage continuous learning to become better, safer drivers.


Ease of use

Praiso requires zero investment in computer hardware and there are zero requirements for in-house expertise and zero worry about developing the software. We take care of all of it for you.
Software updates are handled centrally so there’s no impact on business operations, no issues with compatibility and no need for endpoint security testing.


Driver safety

Throughout every journey, our Driver Distraction technology senses and deters the use of mobile phones.

Praiso never leaves your drivers. A continuous cycle of recognise, learn and improve is delivered through telematics overlaid with industry-leading education.

Our real-time coaching covers everything from induction, compliance and duty of care to driving best practice.

All-inclusive Service










Customer Support

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Praiso is a cloud-based platform that combines evidence-based machine learning and its unique algorithms to tailor continuous digital driver educational content. From a skill, attitudinal, behavioural and emotional perspective, that tailored content helps you positively change driver behaviour and manage driver risk.

Praiso customers report reductions in accident rates and speeding offences, a significant decrease in fuel usage and lower insurance premiums.


The total reported number of potential penalty points from speeding events


It’s a win-win!

Ready to help your drivers become the best drivers they can be and save money as a result?